How to open a bottle without a bottle opener


One of the things that distinguishes a man from a real man is the ability to open a beer bottle despite the lack of a bottle opener. On the Internet it’s possible to find more than 30 different ways of doing it, so not having an opener should never be used as an excuse really…

Two easy ways are:

1) To open a bottle with the help of another bottle

Just hold firmly the bottle you want to open with your strongest hand. Position your fingers around the neck. Position the other bottle and its cap close to the bone of your top finger. Then put pressure under the cap while moving the second bottle downwards. And voilà!

2) To open a bottle with a plastic lighter

Hold the neck of the bottle firmly. Make sure that your fingers leave a small space under the cap to accommodate the bottom of the lighter. Then position the lighter the same way as described above, close to the bone of your top finger. Put some pressure under the cap while moving the base of lighter upwards. This should make the cap pop off. In case you are not a smoker, you can still gently ask for a lighter to your friends who smoke. But only ask that to your friends, as the lighter’s surface may be slightly damaged.

Unsuspicious objects such as an i-Phone and even a well-folded sheet of paper could also do it. Just follow the same principle of putting the pressure between the cap and your finger bone.


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Photo: Hermano Silva © Berlin 2012