Polo, the “sport of the kings”


BERLIN - Imagine beautiful horses running through a field in the middle of an airport on a pleasant summer day. Well, that was what the fashion trade fair Bread & Butter together with the German brand Tom Tailor prepared for their guests this season. They brought the Polo, a sport considered the most noble of all, to the airfield of the former airport Tempelhof.

During three days several teams competed in a tournament. In the end the winner of the Cup was the Tom Tailor team with the players Mr. Uwe Schroeder (founder of the brand) and Eduardo Anca (a professional Polo player from Argentina).

It was also nice to look at the players’ uniforms: white denim pants, high riding boots and an equestrian helmet. Not to mention the Polo shirt: an item that was popularized by René Lacoste in the 1930’s, it’s name being inspired by the clothes of the early Polo players. Over time this item also became the standard outfit of tennis and golf players and finally it took over the streets. A good example of how sports influenced men’s fashion.


Text and photos: Hermano Silva  © Berlin, 2012