Sao Paulo Guide – Part 2



SAO PAULO, 2013 – The second part of our guide is dedicated to some our favorite places in São Paulo to eat Brazilian food or to just have a drink with friends* (Click here to read the first part.). São Paulo Fashion Week is on its way, so this post comes on time to match with the occasion.



The famous national dish Feijoada – a stew made of beans and pork or beef meat – is experienced here in a whole new level. It means you can eat the very original feijoada but with the finest ingredients. The charm is also a very complete and rich selection of those side order dishes (farofa, rice, cabbage, torresmo, mandioca, etc) that are a must have in any feijoada.

A favorite amongst the fashion and the art crowd, Maní is a restaurant of the chefs Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo dedicated to a contemporary way of cooking. What counts is their own interpretation to regular dishes, be it feijoada, a tuna filet or a organic salad. The tables are placed in a backyard, making you feel like visiting someone’s house.

Brasil a Gosto:
It’s not by chance that the chef Ana Luiza Trajano received several awards in recent years for her innovative approach towards Brazilian food. The relaxed and unpretentious restaurant is becoming a landmark for those who are not afraid to go deeper in experimenting the magic & (still) unknown Brazilian ingredients.



Barão de Itararé:
It’s the right place for those who appreciate a bohemian atmosphere. Not only because of the live jazz shows on Sunday evenings (19h-22h) but also because there you can meet a lot of the local theater actors and singers. That happens because the bar gives them a friendly discount.

Terraço Itália:
It is a touristic place because it has one of the most impressive panoramic views of São Paulo. Although it is surrounded by buildings, this is still the highest of them all. If you want to appreciate the weird charm of the city from above, then our tip is to avoid the high prices of the restaurant and to stick to the nice drinks of the Piano Bar.

It’s a new address in the alternative neighborhood of Vila Madalena. With a small and cute bar decorated like a living room, the idea is to enjoy the drinks with friends in a cozy way. The bar is also a shop during the day and it sells interesting ingredients for food lovers (such as farofa with coffee flavor or oils made of native seeds). They are great gifts for a friend that loves to cook.


* Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to “experience” Samba in São Paulo this time. So dear Paulistas: If any of you would like to add suggestions to this guide I would be extremely grateful. Please comment below. Thanks


Photo: Graffiti walls from Vila Madalena neighborhood by Hermano Silva © 2013