Masks of power

Over many different periods in history the facial hair was mainly regarded as a sign of honour, masculinity, independence, power, wisdom and sophistication.

In a moment of discussions of what could be a real masculinity it seems that the use of beards and moustaches and their aspect of empowerment are more contemporary than ever.


Photographer: Hermano Silva © 2010

Models from top to bottom: Tony Relph displays The Hollywoodian beard; Robert Andrews with The Piccadily Weeper beard; Bruno Bousquet with The Swalow Tail beard;  Andreas Anwander with sideburns and The Horse Shoe moustache; Thomas Hardin with The Howie moustache and Alcinoo Giamginoto with The Anchor beard.

Styling: Anthony Hagan

Grooming / Beard stylist: Andy Dennison

Photography assistants: Isis Linguanotto and Camilo Echeveri

Styling assistant: Ashley Palmer

Clothes by: H&M, Uniqlo, Dusty for Topman, Mjölk for Topman and Zara.

  • Paulo Otero

    Such nice work! I can’t tell you how much I am proud of you my friend! Sucess for you and your team!!!

  • Jack

    Great photography, a great title and a great concept! Keep up your good work and thanks for posting this on the Society of bearded Gentlemen site. You and your models should consider joining! Thanks.

  • http://BeardedGents John Anthony

    The beard has been fashionable along time .. I’ve had facial over 40 yrs .. thank U for sharing the photos.

  • http://luizzeidan.wordpress.com Luiz Zeidan

    The photos are amazing!

  • http://www.experienceproject.com/about/masterdavidgoodmen?v=pub Master David Goodmen

    This is very nice work, with some nice-looking men!

    As an aside, I have had My beard since nineteen seventy-two. I stopped shaving My face (which was done only under pressure), between My junior and senior years of high-school.

    Thank you (and your models) for making this.