Summer street style: part 2

Most of men are afraid to experiment or take a risk when dressing formally. Of course it depends a lot on each person’s style and attitude whether one can impress with it. But there are many tricks that make a sartorial look become also a personal statement.

The second part of our summer street style report focuses on tailored clothes. We selected some of the most interesting looks from the streets of London and Florence to inspire you with some ideas.


As these gentlemen teach us: when it comes to men’s fashion the whole secret of looking good lies in the details!


Sprezzatura. That’s the right word to describe the effortless way some Italians dress. It’s not only the light and unstructured jacket and the Panama hat that makes Mr. Luciano Barbera effortless charming, but the way he tied his tie: making the back longer than the front.


Another example of Sprezzatura comes from the American fashion editor Bruce. He shows how to combine two very different items: a t-shirt  from day-to-day life and a silk scarf from the evening attire. It’s all about a good colour combination and a certain nonchalance.


The studied carelessness can be revealed through a shirt that isn’t ironed. Here the Spanish Jorge shows how to do it – combining the shirt with a casual blazer and white denim trousers.


For those who want to dress really smart, despite the summer heat, there is the classic double-breasted blazer in cotton that can be used with tailored trousers and shoes without socks.


The knitted tie is a favourite amongst the Italians. This summer this accessory is back, here in a horizontally stripped version which was the most present on the corridors of  Pitti Uomo in Florence.


Another example of a knitted tie, shown by the Italian Luigi. He combined it with jeans and a short cut blazer. The bracelets he is wearing are very popular amongst the young Italian guys.


It’s not because he is Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones, but his royal blue jacket really looks cool. It needs a bit more of boldness to acquire such a bright coloured blazer. But be sure it can make one stand out in a room.


By now, Nick is the most photographed man during the fashion weeks. His style influences many, if not sets new trends. Here he shows how to use a key look from the catwalks this season: the combination of shorts with a blazer. All of course in his very own way, with the polka dotted shorts and a bright pink blazer.


Nick’s Howie moustache is playful and reveals his relationship towards  fashion. Grayed facial hair, we must admit, is not for everyone.


Even a classic look like this can be personalized, be it with a turn-up or a polka-dotted handkerchief.


Another example of the polka-dot mania. Here it is the tie which just transforms the working attire into something more chic.


If one wants to move it to another level, there will always be the example of the upper-class British gentleman, who still dresses in three-piece suits. A red scarlet tie can speak for all.


It’s said that the British gentleman chooses the colours of his ties based on the colours of his College. The legendary English tailor Edward Sexton, above, makes us wonder if they still do it. It is sure, however, that his protruding handkerchief and yellow flower are all but not carelessly chosen.


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Text and photos: Hermano Silva © 2012

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