Summer wish list

By Hermano Silva

Summer is on the way and nothing better than to start a new season with a wish list. Below you will find the 5 most desirable items for the warm days, according to a personal selection, and after a quick research on several different on-line stores.


 But that’s not all: we also published a mood board on the social network Pinterest with many more covetable things. Don’t miss it: just click here.


1. The Hawaiian shirt: this American classic is back on time to catch up with the colourful clothes we are seeing now. It’s not a shirt that fits to everyone however. You have to be confident and in a good mood when you wear it. Why? To be ready to take all the jokes from the other folks and answer them with intelligence. On the picture, Hawaiian shirt by Rag & Bone.

2. The roll-up backpack: if one year ago all that we wanted was a Satchel (click here to read our early forecast from 2011), the next most desirable bag will be a roll-up backpack. In this model there is always an extra space to carry more things. It’s also quite handy for cyclists – who actually adopted them since a long while. On the picture, roll-up backpack by A Kind of A Guise.

3. The Franciscan sandals: perfect for a ‘humble chic’ look. It’s discreet, classy and comfortable. On the picture, shoe-sandals by YMC, You Must Create.

4. The sneakers: it’s always a very personal choice, of course. But summer might not be the ideal temperature to walk around with those chubby high top sneakers. You might want to consider going lighter perhaps. On the picture, the classic Vans reinterpreted in a very fresh way by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the new designers of Kenzo.

5. The round sunglasses: actually not a very new trend, but this rounded model is having a longer life for whatever reason. Curiously the focus will not be so much on the colour of the frame, but on the colour of the lenses. Be it in blue, yellow or red, be prepared to see the beach as coloured as in your childhood. On the picture, more sober sunglasses: model Fare Bella Figura by Lunettes.




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