How do you define a gentleman?

BERLIN – How do you define a gentleman? Four of the illustrious guests of Hugo by Hugo Boss fashion show answered to our question during the Berlin Fashion Week.


Matthew Goode, British actor who is visiting Berlin for the first time although the rainy weather made him feel “like being at home”:

“A gentleman is someone who has very good manners, who can ‘hold his liquor’, has a certain elegance, a bit of sophistication and some sort of a wit. It all comes together. He obviously has a nice set of pyjamas and a tailored suit with a good silhouette. I’m not saying that I am that person, this is my ideal. I always like to look back to other eras to find my gentleman. Cary Grant is my ideal Gentleman… Jean-Paul Belmondo and George Clooney as well”.


Clemens Schick, German actor who is working in a Brazilian film production at the moment:

“The most important aspects of a gentleman are politeness and modesty. It’s about an attitude towards other people. I don’t care about what someone wears or how much money somebody has. A simple person can be more of a gentleman than the richest person”.


Anthony Delon, American actor and son of the French actor Alain Delon (in the picture with his girlfriend Anna Sherbinina):

“A gentleman is someone who lets a lady pass first”.


Klaus Wowereit, politician and mayor of the city of Berlin, who admits that the Berliner Gentleman is a bit different from the others because he is more casual and combines different styles.

 “A gentleman is not so easy to explain. It is about behaviour, a certain style. It is about being very polite, to be very distinguished”.



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Text and photos: Hermano Silva © Berlin 2012